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January 2010 Tax Times

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Articles in this issue:

Foreign Bank Accounts and Income and the Internal
Revenue Service Voluntary Disclosure Program
Article by Anthony Diosdi, J.D., L.LM
Senior Associate Attorney

TAX Planning
Article by Mason Klink
Enrolled Agent

No Breaks for Taxpayers During the Recession
Article by Chris Housh
Enrolled Agent

Tom Cable is not off the hook yet. The Civil Case may be next.

Hanson’s civil case has different parameters than a criminal charge.

San Francisco, CA – Hanson’s civil case could be very weak after the Napa DA’s Press Conference Thursday afternoon, October 21, 2009 where he stated that there is no evidence supporting criminal charges. Legal Sport Analyst and Tax Attorney Steve Moskowitz reported on Comcast SportsNet during and after the press conference that Hanson’s inconsistencies in his report of the incident greatly weaken his case.

Tom Cable may be concentrating on game strategy, but Hanson may have a strategy of his own. It may be likely that they pursue a quiet settlement with the Raiders Franchise to avoid a more public display. Steve Moskowitz believes that would be the first play by Hanson’s Attorney. If they don’t get what they want then pursuing a civil case could be next.

As a defense attorney Steve Moskowitz handles many cases that never see a courtroom. The purpose of a civil case is money. Now it is a matter of how much, if anything, to keep Hanson from pursuing the incident further, and is it worth it.

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